Are Old School Wedding Designs Again Making an Entry in the Pakistani Fashion Industry?

Are Old School Wedding Designs Again Making an Entry in the Pakistani Fashion Industry?

The question here is: what are these old school wedding designs? Mostly, the sheesha work, thread work, jamawaar, banarsi, etc. are the designs that were adorned by women in the past. Although the trend continues till today, it’s hard to say if they are actually embraced by today’s women as much as they were in the old times.

Wedding dresses are evolving with designers bringing modernism to traditional wear. Today, embroidery takes over the traditional clothes along with intriguing colors that set them apart. However, saying that the old school wedding designs are completely eliminated from the market, then it’d be wrong as well.

Brands Bringing Traditional Touch to the Modern Designs

To make sure that our culture is still practiced in modern times, the brands are working on bringing the traditional touch to modern wedding apparel. Giving a small touch of traditionalism to the dress brings out so much in it. It’s the one reason why a lot of women still like to wear their mother’s wedding dress today.

Menahel Majid’s Take on Wedding Wear

If you take a look at the sarree, the drape will instantly make you remember your mother’s wedding dupatta. Menahel Majid definitely knows how to make you steal the show.

From the work on the drape to the embroidery, everything speaks of the traditional touch to it. Not to mention the blouse that oozes with modern wear. The beautiful embroidery on the blouse by Menahel Majid makes sure that today’s women feel up-to-the-mark and on-trend as well.

Tena Durrani & the Banarsi Dupatta

If you think that banarsi dupatta is completely out of fashion, then you’re wrong. The ever-so-gorgeous banarsi dupatta may be hard to handle, but it definitely adds class to your overall attire. Let’s check Tena Durrani’s take on the traditional wear.

Syra Yousuf looks the epitome of grace, decency, and beauty in the fabulous banarsi dupatta by Tena Durrani. The dress is both traditional and modern that can leave everyone in awe. Bringing a traditional touch to the dresses always adds to the overall beauty of the dress.

Are Designers Moving in the Right Direction?

No matter how modern we become, the beauty of Pakistan is hidden in its culture. With changing trends, designers have to look for a better route to reach their audience. With new technologies and modernism spreading like a disease all over the world, people are dying to stay in touch with their culture in some way.

Our dresses speak of our culture, especially the wedding dresses that showcase the expertise of Pakistanis in the fashion industry. Our exceptional sheesha work, thread work, banarsi designs, etc. show our connection to Pakistan.

The brands are working in the right way to capture the essence of both modernism and traditionalism through their dresses. Bringing a touch of old times to the dresses keep people close to their roots, which can be beautifully done if done in the right way!

What’s the Take?  

There’s only one take – although the traditional wear is not fully into the market, it’s also not completely out of the industry. Brands today are trying to incorporate a touch of old design into the modern dresses to ensure the beauty is captured in all of them. There are other designers too except for Menahel Majid and Tena Durrani who is working on such designs.

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